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SAVED MY LIFE! I am a left handed trombone player whose left hand went numb and stopped working. Couldn't even write my name, let alone work or perform. Tried a chiropractor who was highly recommended and also accupuncture with no relief. After one session of deep tissue massage I knew I had found the cure! Now I am better than before! Don't wait until you have an issue or injury! Spend a few dollars to be pampered and function well! I am a customer for life!

Gary S.

What our customers are saying

I have been to almost every massage business in Temple and Belton from Invisions to Woodhouse and everything in between. But I am so happy to have found Balanced Breath Massage and I have no plans of going anywhere else. April is a very skilled and professional practitioner and my first massage was amazing. After raving to my wife about my experience she also booked a massage with April and we are now on the monthly Wellness Plan which, by the way, is the best deal in town. Highly recommended.

Roy H.

What our customers are saying

Great skill and professionalism she addressed all my pain points and offered solutions for them. I would definitely recommend April and I will return.

Wes M.

What our customers are saying

April did an amazing job finding all of my knots and working them out. The only thing that would've made my visit better was if time could've slowed down!! I highly recommend April for your next massage!

Charles B.

What our customers are saying

April is the absolute best! Not only are the massages the best in town, but she is so friendly and professional. I love the entire massage every time I get one. If there's a certain area I'm having trouble with she'll spend extra time working on it. She has helped me with my carpal tunnel so much. I've had pain waking up at night feeling like my hands are on fire, plus them going to sleep constantly. She has turned my life around! I get to sleep all night now because of April! I'm most appreciative of her for that. She knows just what to do to give me relief from my symptoms. I highly recommend her. Go to her once and see for yourself that she is simply the best. Thanks April for all that you do!

Charity H.

What our customers are saying

I had a massage today with April and I will definitely be back. I informed her of my anxiety and stiffness due to stress in my back and neck. She mixed a cocktail of essential oils and massage lotion that made the effects of the massage last so much longer than just the hour I was there. My stress levels were down all day and my body feels refreshed.

Morgan K.

What our customers are saying

I have some complicated health and back issues (double curve scoliosis and arthritis).Due to April's massage expertise, this is the first time I have felt true relief from a massage! I've been coming to her for several months now. She is the best massage therapist I've ever had....and I've tried quite a few. I'm with her for life now! Thank you April!

Jan H.