Specialty Packages

These specialty service bundles take an awesome massage and put them over the top. 

Enhance your time with therapeutic additions or extra pampering!

Balanced Bodywork

Have you been neglecting your self care and literally everything on your body hurts? This session is the complete package designed to help get you back on track and recharge! This session incorporates Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Thai/Stretch Therapy, Cupping & Craniosacral Work to address all your areas of tension. This is very in depth bodywork and essential to help your body recover!

Session Length: 2.5 Hours ~ $200.00

Muscle Meltdown

Melt away your muscle tension with: Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Heated Eye Pack, Heated Neck Pillow, and Hot Towel Compressions. Begin with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session, followed by 90 minute Specialized Massage focusing on your problem areas to help loosen tightness and tension. Therapeutic and pampered, all wrapped into one service!

Session Length: 2 Hours ~ $150.00

Warmth & Wellness

The ultimate package with everything Balanced Breath has to offer!

Your Wellness Retreat will include: 30 Minute Infrared Sauna Session, 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage with 15 Minute Exfoliating Foot Treatment, 30 Minute Hydrating Facial & 15 Minute Aromatherapy Nap. Relax and unwind with this complete day spa package!

Session Length: 3 Hours - $210.00

Relax & Renew

Need a little mini retreat? Sometimes it's nice to have more than just a massage, so pamper yourself with some extras to help you unwind and relax!

30 Minute Hydrating Facial & 75 Minute Therapeutic/Relaxing Massage with 15 Minute Exfoliating Foot Treatment. You deserve it :-)

Session Length: 2 Hours ~ $150.00

Tension Tamer

This service is designed to deal with common areas where tension is held - targeting neck, arms, shoulders, and back. Begin your treatment with a 30 Minute Infrared Sauna Session followed by a 90 Minute Specialty Massage focusing on trigger point and cupping therapy to zone in problem areas and break up muscle adhesions.
Session Length: 2 Hours ~ $150.00