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Wellness Program

Bodywork is most beneficial when

performed regularly.

Below are multiple ways to save, so you can relax and enjoy!

Preferred Member ​

This allows preferred members to save without a monthly membership. Simply schedule a session every 30 days and receive $5-$10 off the normal session price. This way you are guaranteed to receive the routine bodywork you know you need and save a few dollars!

P​ackage Deals

If you are in search of a bigger savings, try a package deal! Sessions are paid for in advance and valid for 1 year. Contact me to customize a package to meet your needs.


Loyalty Rewards

Shouldn't you rack up some brownie points for being such a loyal customer? Absolutely! For every 10 sessions you accumulate, you will receive a 60 minute session totally free. No need to keep track of a punch card, I'll be sure to shoot you an email to book your free session when it comes up!