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I had an amazing experience at Balanced Breath. I have struggled with back pain for years and felt relief after only one session! I will definitely be visiting again soon...very professional and addressed my concerns. You couldn't be in better hands!

I had never thought of massage as more than just spoiling myself until I discovered the benefits of deep tissue work on my aging body with many years of contact sports in my past. Having a bad back has always been a part of my every day life as a tall, manual laborer but I sought much needed relief in massage after having only slightly positive results with acupuncture. After my consultation and very first personalized session with April, I was surprised to find that my bad back was just a symptom of an issue in my hip flexors that explained years of pain that seemed to fade away with the first deep touch. Learning to take care of myself and maintain my pain free lifestyle has become the priority for this amazing massage therapists every day, I can not thank her enough for the eye opening experience that has brought a new pain free enjoyment to my life.

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