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Services Offered

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Swedish Massage

This service is geared towards promoting relaxation. A Swedish massage can ease muscle tension with the use of long, soothing strokes throughout the body. Benefits include: improved circulation, release of tension, entire body relaxation, and aides in quality of sleep.

~30 min $30 ~ 60 min $60 ~ 90 min $85 ~

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue service is a specialized therapeutic approach. As the body builds up tension, knots in the muscle begin to form. This can result in pain, limited range of motion, inflammation, and disruption in circulation. Deeper, slower pressure can release muscle tension and break up knots, providing much needed relief in these problem areas.

~ 60 min $75 ~ 90 min $100 ~

Sports Massage

A sports massage service can be a combination of stretching and massage or consist of all stretching, depending on the client's needs. This can be beneficial for athletes in preparation or recovery of an athletic event. Other benefits include: assisting in restrictive range of motion, relieves chronic pain, aides in healing of injuries and improves flexibility.

~ 60 min $60 ~ 90 min $85 ~

Prenatal Massage

A wonderful experience for expecting mothers. Pregnancy can be hard on your body and for some, absolutely draining. Receiving a pre-natal massage can be rejuvenating and ease tension throughout the body. Cushions and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.

~ 60 min $60 ~ 90 min $85 ~

Couples Massage

Enjoy your relaxing massage alongside your loved one. During a couples massage, two tables are set up in a room side by side. Each individual has their own therapist, ensuring you will receive the massage you want. Book with your significant other or make it a girl's day! Experience the comfort of a couples massage with the benefit of relaxation.

~ 60 min $120 ~ 90 min $170 ~